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angol tábor - étkezések

The camp provides complete meals from Sunday dinner to Saturday morning's breakfast, with four meals daily. Breakfast is on the campsite, while lunch and dinner are served at a nearby restaurant. For those with special dietary needs, we are able to provide alternative meals upon request. 


angol tábor - szállás Alsóörs

Both our campsites are relatively small, with well kept yards, suitable for children to play in. On both locations, our camps are just a few minutes walk from the beach of Lake Balaton. Rooms vary in size, from three to six beds per room. A lunge and two shower rooms are at our disposal in both locations. For more photos of the sites click 

angol tábor - jelentkezés
Registration, and methods of payment

Registration can be done by completing the online application form here, on our website. For more information about registration and payments, click 


angol tábor - munkatársaink

Implementing our learning program, the kids' supervision and guidance is coordinated by an English speaking, Hungarian teacher. For the most part, the children are supervised by young, English speaking Canadians who have experience in a field of teaching. On hikes, on the beach and on the campsite, a certified tour guide aids to maintain order. 

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