Ten hours of English daily from sunrise to sunset 

Native English group leaders from Canada, programs all day in English. Constant supervision by Hungarian and English speaking staff 

Programs for development on every level of English

Communication practice in every-day situation settings to enhance the children's way of expression, intensive vocabulary development along lifelike topics.

 North American sports and games, camp activities. 

 Playful reading comprehension exercises. 

All programs split by age category. 

Small campground, smaller groups

Our campground has a maximum capacity of 50 campers, and we do not share this space with any other groups. 

The children are split into groups of 10 - 15 so each child has more opportunity to get help from and get to know their leaders. 




  Lots of communication and ice-breaker games, ESL tasks, team building activities in groups based on the level of English knowledge. 

North American sports such as baseball, and American football. 

 Campfire, number wars, cooking on the fire, soccer, beach volleyball, table tennis.

Hiking with a tour guide, map reading, treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, and night hike. 

Beach, water games, and beachball. 

All of the above is lead by English speakers, from morning to night. 


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Subscribe to our newsletter!